Stewardship is an awareness of the gifts that God has so generously bestowed upon us, in our health, talents, resources and relationships. It is a full appreciation of the manner in which God works within us to ignite our faith so that we become instruments of His love. In developing a greater awareness of God in our lives, we discern new priorities and extend our sense of freedom and joy. We become more fully engaged with the world, as we make it a priority to offer our gifts of time, talent and treasure to others.

We have many opportunities to embrace the stewardship way of life. These include sharing our talents within both our faith community and daily lives, nurturing our relationship with God through our commitment of time and contributing the first fruits of our labor through the gift of our treasure. From the youngest to the oldest, every member of our parish family plays a critical role in sustaining and growing our stewardship parish so that its transformative charism of discipleship can be felt throughout the world.

Stewardship is about embracing your potential and finding the treasure within. The more we participate in nurturing and sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure, the more we develop our full potential in becoming the people that God created us to be. Embracing the stewardship way of life allows us to rejoice in the gift of life and enables us to be truly human. In doing so, we unleash the heat and energy of God working through each and every one of us!