The Saturday Choir

The Saturday Choir features musicians Jocelyne Legal, Fernando Vicente, Kyu Min Lee Sigerson, Benjamin Sigerson, and Arthur Lo. They are dedicated to providing music for the 5pm anticipated Mass. If you love harmonies and uplifting hymns, this is the choir for you.

Le Chœur français

The French choir sings at the 9am Sunday Mass. All hymns and Mass parts are sung in French.

The Sunday Choir

The Sunday Choir sings at the 10:30am Sunday Mass and is directed by Tami Comuzzi and Shelley Halliday. They sing a variety of contemporary and congregational music. No experience is necessary to join, just a love of singing.

The Hopping Choir

The Hopping Choir, led by Bernice and Gary Hopping, provide music for the 5pm Sunday Mass. They enjoy singing meditative hymns and are accompanied by piano, acoustic guitar, and flute.