In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a man is ordained a Priest, Deacon, or Bishop.

A Priest promises to live a life of celibacy and of obedience to his local Bishop. He is given the command to teach, minister, and govern: to teach the people of God and bring them closer to God, to minister the sacraments, and to govern the people, typically through parish ministry.

A Deacon may be “permanent” or “transitional”. A permanent Deacon is a man who may or may not be married and who has committed his life in service to the church. A transitional Deacon is one who intends to become a Priest. This is typically the stage one year prior ordination to the priesthood. A Deacon, whether permanent or transitional, may baptize and may officiate at weddings.

A Bishop is a Priest ordained to the special ministry of Shepherd of the people. A Bishop typically oversees a Archdiocese.

Do not hesitate to contact our Pastor, Fr. Patrick, if you feel that God is calling you towards a vocation to the Priesthood or the Consecrated Life. You can also find out more information about vocations at Vocations Vancouver