Confirmation is the final Sacrament of Initiation through which the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way and enables us to profess our faith as strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Receiving The Sacrament Of Confirmation


In the Archdiocese of Vancouver, the Sacrament of Confirmation is administered in grade 7. Fatima School children begin preparation for this sacrament when entering their intermediate years. For children (not at Fatima School) attending grade 7 and higher, we are happy to prepare you to receive the sacrament through PREP. Please contact Linder Spasuik at 604.931.7590


It’s never too late to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Contact the Parish Office for more information.

Candidate’s Responsibility for Confirmation

In preparation for Confirmation the Candidate will be required to complete a number of assignments:

– Write a letter to Father Patrick requesting the Sacrament of Confirmation
– Complete 30 service hours prior to the Confirmation Interview; these do not include altar serving at Sunday Mass. School Masses do not count either. Weddings, funerals, First Friday, training etc. are acceptable.
– Keep a weekly Mass journal and write reflections based on scripture and how to apply the teachings to him/herself.
– Review lessons in religion studies; from the text or given verbally by the teacher
– A Saint project based on the saint who’s name the Candidate has chosen for Confirmation

Not only is it important for the Candidate to learn and complete the above, but more important, to take what is read, learned and reflected upon and be a living example to others of Christ’s mission on Earth through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Additionally your child will be prepared spiritually in a number of ways. By attending special PREP/school masses, praying with the PREP/school community on a regular basis, attending weekly Mass with the family, providing Service within the community, receiving the Eucharist and the sacrament of Reconciliation often, your child will further develop a relationship with Jesus and enable the Holy Spirit to work and move within.

Through service both in and out of the parish community your child will recognize the importance of works of mercy; to act as Jesus did.

Through corporal works of mercy such as feeding the hungry, visiting the sick and clothing the homeless, students learn the importance of charity and love for one another.

Through spiritual works of mercy, students learn how to listen to the Spirit, which will enable them to comfort others, forgive others, and spread and defend their faith both in and out of our faith community.

Responsibilities of the Parent

There are many responsibilities of the parent(s) in the preparation and guidance in your child’s continued faith journey.

Parents need to model the importance and practice of the Catholic faith in their lives. Such modelling includes:

Community worship – attending Mass every weekend with their child, and be involved in the Mass.

– Participate in all aspects of the Mass, from prayer, praise & worship, to receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.
– Discuss the Sunday Gospel with their child, the teachings of Jesus, and how these teachings can be used in our lives to continue Christ’s mission.
– Help with Mass Journals following Mass. Discuss the readings and the Homily. Encourage the candidate to complete them and hand them in as required.

Personal prayer
– Commit to take time to pray by yourself.
– Show that prayer deepens their faith and helps them to be closer to God.

Assist the candidate, your child, in meeting the requirements of the Confirmation program.
– Complete and return all forms as requested and on time.
– Help and encourage your child to find opportunities to perform the required service hours.
– Facilitate your child’s attendance at the various activities that are compulsory for Confirmation.

Be there to help the candidate in their Confirmation journey, but also with the experience of it.
– Dialogue with the candidate,
– Share his or her personal faith story
– Pray for the candidate
– Pray with the candidate

Sponsor Issues
– Help your child to choose an appropriate sponsor
– If necessary help ask the sponsor to stand up with them at Confirmation.
– Be willing to step in for the mentor or sponsor at any time if the mentor is unable to fulfill his or her commitment.

– Counsel your child in choosing the appropriate saint
– Assist with completing the Saint Project as necessary and make sure it is handed in on time.
– Confirmation is the child’s choice NOT the parents. Encourage them to own the decision and follow through with commitment.

The Role of the Teacher/Catechist

In Class we provide opportunities for the Candidate to:

– Pray in an atmosphere that allows the Spirit to move
– Reflect upon the Catholic teachings and the role that the Spirit will have in his/her life as young adults
– Read the Bible and learn about the importance of the Holy Spirit in enabling the disciples, as well as us, to spread God’s love and defend our faith
– Share and compare the experiences of the Spirit working in the Candidate and others, and how this is important in offering him/herself fully to God
– Participate in class discussions and activities through role play, decision-making and discussion, as well as to compare problem-solve and recognize the working of the Spirit in us to make decisions based on our faith.

In Preparation for Confirmation we will focus on instructing the candidates in the following:
– What is the sacrament of Confirmation? What does it do for us?
– Who is the Holy Spirit and what will the Spirit do in us?
– What are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and why are they important in our lives?
– What are the signs of Confirmation and what do they symbolize?

-What are the Fruits of the Spirit and how can we recognize them?

– The importance of Confirmation and how we are now marked for a lifelong journey, as well as a mission to carry on the mission of Christ.

The Role of the Confirmation Sponsor

The rules:

– Must not be a parent, but may be a God-parent.
– Must be a fully-initiated, practicing Catholic (by initiated we mean Baptized, Confirmed and sharing in the Eucharist)
– Sufficiently mature for the role (16 yrs or older)
– Must not be prohibited by law for serving in this capacity!

A Sponsor Is willing to share his or her faith story with the candidate in both formal and informal settings. A Sponsor Supports the candidate during the journey of preparation through ongoing dialogue, notes of encouragement, and a willingness to listen to the concerns and hopes of the candidate.

A Sponsor…

– Prays for and with the candidate.

– Models the commitment to personal prayer, community worship and ministry expected of a mature Christian.

– Agrees to attend any sessions, rehearsals, etc as requested by the candidate to meet their mandate.

– Presents the candidate to the bishop (or his representative) for the anointing.

– With the help of the Holy Spirit will continue to guide the newly confirmed in the future.

Each sponsor will be required to have their parish priest sign a form endorsing their sponsorship. This form is one of many in the information packages that will be distributed this evening.

As parents you will assist your child in choosing an appropriate sponsor; one who fits all of the above criteria. It is not just returning a favour or fulfilling an obligation; this is your child’s spiritual journey!