Baptism is the first of the three “Sacraments of Christian Initiation.” Confirmation and Eucharist are the others. Baptism welcomes a person into the family of God and membership in the Body of Christ. It is a sacrament we receive only once.

Baptism is the greatest gift a person can receive, whether as an infant, child, or adult. Baptism frees us from sin and starts us on our life-long journey to know and love God. Baptism is not something to “get done” because of family tradition. It is the entry into a Catholic Christian community and a life of faith in Jesus Christ. This is why the Catholic Church encourages baptism in infancy rather than waiting until a child can choose for his/herself. Why deprive a child of God’s special love and a good start in a life of faith by delaying baptism until later?

If you wish to have your child baptized at Our Lady of Fatima, please contact Lucille Plante at 604.939.3214

Non-Catholic Adults who wish to be baptized or received into the Catholic Church through the RCIA program may contact the Parish Office.